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Our Purpose is to Re-Purpose

There are many ways to describe what we do and there are many stories connected to the service we provide our community. We have moved many historic structures, our industrial division has managed some of the most complex industrial equipment moves seen but we make our greatest environmental impact by relocating Quality Homes.

Our homes often built to higher construction standards than new homes, and have unique details and classic design, often offering exactly what you could be looking for in the aesthetic and character of your house. Our Recycled Homes are a great economical option, since it is about half the cost of a new house or comparable construction. They are also a tremendous environmental option, literally saving tonnes of waste from reaching our landfills and eliminating hazardous materials from our community by preventing their demolition.

Many of our homes have character and details like dentil moulding, leaded glass windows/divided light windows, built-ins, shaped knee bracing supporting large eaves, and much more. Many of our homes are built solid first-growth timber like Douglas Fir, have Solid wood floors and doors, Fir or cedar shingled or lap siding.

We categorize our houses into 4 styles; custom built homes, vintage homes, contemporary homes and cottages. Our houses all have their own unique character having been designed by various architects and builders. If we do not currently have your perfect home we certainly will as we are constantly adding new listings.

With building costs rising, building materials decreasing in strength and integrity, and building practices designed to cut costs and corners, recycled homes are becoming the clear alternative.

Best of all, you can get a quality recycled home for about half the cost of a new home of comparable construction.

Learn more about Nickel Bros – House Movers in BC Canada and Washington State.

Watch the following video about the barging of the “Dunbar” house for Ben & Jen Ford which was moved to Union Bay, BC:


We’re Like a “House Adoption Agency”

Every week we come across houses that are scheduled for demolition. We get calls all the time from contractors who have the task of demolishing a home. Whether the new owner wants to build a brand new custom home, build a commercial or residential complex, the home that is currently in their way needs to go.

We’ll inspect the house and if it meets our requirements we start looking for a family to “adopt” it. We’ll post the listing in our inventory for sale in the hopes that we give it another 80+ years of life. An increasing number of homeowners are choosing to recycle an existing home and move it to a new location, to serve as their primary residence, a second home or as an income property.

Watch the following video about this house moving for Geoff and Candace Daigle in Seattle WA:


When is a Great Home Considered Garbage?

We see great houses demolished all of the time. There is nothing wrong with these homes but we simply cannot find a family or investor to purchase it. While the number of people looking at a recycled home as an option is growing we feel we need to generate more awareness and make recycled homes an option for everyone.

Please allow us to share some numbers with you so you can get a feel for the magnitude of the problem we are trying to solve…

The below info is supplied by MetroVancouver.org for Metro Vancouver in 2010*:

  • Metro Vancouver 2010: 55% of Demolition, Land-Clearing, and Construction (DLC) waste is from residential demolition. Overall, in 2010 it was estimated that there was 306,065 tonnes of DLC waste.
  • Metro Vancouver 2010: They discovered that 55% of DLC waste is residential house demolitions. This amounts to 168,335 tonnes of residential house demolition waste in Metro Vancouver for 2010.
  • Metro Vancouver 2010: Overall there was 1,399,275 tonnes of disposed waste in Metro Vancouver in 2010 meaning that 12% of total waste in our landfills is waste from residential demolition.

The unfortunate thing is that a lot of this residential demolition “waste” were quality houses that would have lasted dozens of more years.

Those numbers were shocking to us and we have been doing this for 57 years. We’re not saying that all of this waste is recyclable but we have seen hundreds of great homes demolished over the years. There were 881 demolition permits issued in Vancouver in 2010, the majority being double- and single-family dwellings. While we know they cannot all be saved, there are many that can be, but we were unable to save them because no one wanted them…

So to answer the question; great houses are considered garbage when no one wants them. We feel this is the case because the majority of people are not aware of our ability to transport a home to almost any location.

Here is a testimonial by Lisa Byers and Jeanne Beck on helping them move houses in Orcas Island WA:


There are Homes Looking for a New Family Right Now!

We have homes right now that are ready for transport to their new family. Please visit our Homes for Sale to see if any of our homes are a match for you or someone you know.
Dunbar House Move 

Nickel Bros serves British Columbia and Washington State. We are able to move houses from Washington St. to Vancouver and vice versa so please take a look at all of our home options.

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Please feel free to contact us for more information about how we can help you and our services.  Email us at enquiries@nickelbros.com or call your local office below:

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*Statistical References:

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