Recycled Homes in British Columbia and Washington State

Nickel Bros specializes in locating, acquiring, selling, and moving quality recycled homes in British Columbia and Washington State. These are houses that are often built to higher construction standards than new houses and have unique details and classic design.

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Why Buy Recycled?

Every customer has his or her own reason for choosing a quality recycled home from Nickel Bros. Some people appreciate the considerable cost savings that recycled houses offer. Others are drawn to the remarkable quality of construction and materials that they can only find in a vintage recycled home. Still others care deeply about the environmental benefits of recycling a home. Whatever the reason, we invite you to learn more why your next home might be a quality recycled home from Nickel Bros.

More Affordable

With the median price for a Nickel Bros quality recycled house well under six figures (and sometimes as low as $25,000), recycled homes are a great value. By buying a recycled home, you simply get more for your money. This makes a recycled home a great option for first-time home buyers or even vacation homes.

Better Quality

Many of our quality recycled homes are vintage houses that are often built to higher construction standards than new homes and have unique details and classic design, including:

  • Real wood: solid first-growth timber like vertical grain Douglas Fir
  • Solid wood floors and doors
  • Fir or cedar shingled or lap siding

 Much of these materials are no longer available for typical new home construction. And those that are tend to be extremely expensive.

With our homes you’ll also find character and details like leaded glass windows/divided light windows, built-ins, dentil moulding, shaped knee bracing supporting large eaves, and much more.

At Nickel Bros, we believe houses shouldn’t be treated like garbage

Did you know that a 1,600 sq/ft home represents about 60 trees worth of lumber? That’s roughly equivalent to the amount that one person could recycle in 100 years. Sadly, most houses that need to be removed from a site aren’t recycled; they’re torn down and thrown in a landfill. And each discarded home adds between 60 and 80 tons of building materials to that landfill. At Nickel Bros we’ve always believed that houses should be recycled—by moving them to where they can provide warmth and shelter for many years to come. It’s not just a good idea for the environment. It’s a good idea from a financial standpoint.

Feel free to reach out and discus your potential project.  Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer any question you may have and give you an idea of the costs associated.

Washington State (USA)

Seattle: 1-866-920-BROS (1-866-920-2767)
San Juan Islands: 1-866-606-2237

British Columbia (CANADA)
Greater Vancouver: 1-866-813-9430
Vancouver Island: 1-866-320-2268



We have a large inventory of quality recycled homes that we’ve rescued and are now offering for sale—ranging from simple 1940s and 50s-era homes, bungalows, ranch style homes, Craftsman homes, Victorians, to grand waterfront homes. They are all listed right here.

Once you select a house you are interested in, we handle all the details and logistics of moving it to your location, including insurance, route planning, permits, structural preparation, and more. No job is too small—or too large. If someone built it, Nickel Bros can move it.

Getting Started

Most people are not familiar with the process of buying and moving a house. Don’t worry, it’s not as daunting as it sounds. The best place to start educating yourself is right here. Please read through the Recycled Homes FAQ below and our House Moving FAQs. If you have any questions, we’re happy to spend the time with you to explain the entire process face-to-face or by phone. Contact us here.

Your Home’s Destination

You may already currently own a suitable lot or you may need to purchase one. In either case, the important consideration for moving a house to that lot is the route. We look at things like the distance between obstacles (such as trees and overhead utility lines) as well as road grade, distance, and water access (in the case of barging). In fact, when you make an offer one one of our homes, we use that structure’s exact dimensions to determine route requirements.


After locating a suitable destination property, most customers line up financing. If you plan to purchase property, it may be a good time to begin also considering financing for the purchase of the building. Speak to your financial institution about your project and making funds available to proceed with the purchase of a recycled building. This will allow you to proceed quickly once you find your recycled dream home.

Nickel Bros. may be able to assist in locating a financial institution that will work with you to facilitate the purchase of a recycled home. We have successfully educated many financial institutions who otherwise may not be familiar with reycled homes. We’re happy to help.

Finding Your Perfect Recycled Home

There are several things you can do to actively search for a building. Watching this website is important and we update it regularly, adding buildings as they become available and noting when a building has been sold. It is also a smart idea to stay in touch with your Nickel Bros salesperson since they will be able to help match what you are looking for to a building.

Once you have found the building, the next step will be to submit an “Offer To Purchase”. These forms are available through the office as well as on our website.

Don’t become discouraged if it takes some time to find the building that will work for you. Recycled homes, by their very nature, are unique, one-of-a-kind opportunities. Stay in touch with us and please be patient. Even with everything in place, it usually takes 2 – 3 months for your building to arrive on its new site. It can be an exciting and fun time. Enjoy and know you’re not alone. We’ve been around for 50 years and want this experience to work as smoothly and easily as possible. 



Q: Do all municipalities allow recycled homes?
A: NO. Some municipalities have strange laws that do not allow the moving in of recycled houses. However, laws can be changed. If you are concerned, simply call up you local building dept. and ask. You might find it is allowed, but only under certain circumstances.

Q: Do the appliances come with the houses?
A: Sometimes they do, sometimes they don’t. This will be written in to the Offer to Purchase Contract

Q: What does the price of the house include?
A: Our listed prices includes the purchase of the house, the moving of it, the sales fee and the lowering of the house. There can be extra charges for delivery based on the location. Most houses are priced for a local delivery. Barging fees, wire fees, tree removal can be extra. These extra costs (if applicable) are listed in the Offer to Purchase Contract prior to signing any final contracts. Taxes are extra

Q: Can we request a specific type of house and have Nickel Bros. contact us when one becomes available?
A: Yes. By filling out the form below and indicating the type of house you are looking for and general description of your destination property, we will ensure you receive immediate information on relevant new houses as they become available.  Speaking with a Nickel Bros. Sales Associate in your area to let them know what you are looking for can help as well, especially if you have a property site ready to go. Many of our homes are sold before they are posted on the website, as our Sales Associates are usually working on homes for 2-6 weeks prior to them being listed.

Q: How do you make an offer on a house?
A: Your first step would be to contact the office closest to your location. From there, it is recommended you fill out an Offer to Purchase Contract. This can be downloaded from the website on the contracts page.

Q: Can you purchase a house in Canada and move it to the US?
A: Yes.

Q: Can you purchase a house in the US and bring it to Canada?
A: Yes.


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