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Columbia City Bungalow

Price: $75,000 USD
Listing #: 03-22-3236
Style: 1919 Craftsman Bungalow
Located: Seattle, WA
Columbia City Bungalow This wonderful 1919 Columbia City Bungalow has fantastic exterior details such as large, detailed corbels, dental de...   Continue reading →

Classic Roosevelt Craftsman

Price: $88,750 USD
Listing #: 03-22-1309
Style: Classic Craftsman
Located: Seattle, WA
Classic Roosevelt Craftsman Built in 1914, this approx. 2,700 sq/ft 4-bedroom Classic Craftsman is a remarkable find. The main floor has a...   Continue reading →

Edgewood, Washington Historic Home (near Tacoma)

Price: $90,000 USD
Listing #: 03-22-2017
Style: Historic Craftsman
Located: Edgewood, WA
Edgewood, Washington Historic Home When people think of Edgewood, WA landmarks, the former Edgewood Flower Farm quickly comes to mind. Beca...   Continue reading →

Hood Canal Cottage Bungalow

Price: $58,000 USD
Listing #: 03-22-13051
Style: Craftsman Cottage
Located: Tahuya, WA
This Cottage Bungalow on Hood Canal is available to be moved… Built in 1940, this small approx. 1,000 sq/ft 2-bedroom Hood Canal Cottage ...   Continue reading →
Vintage 1923 mansion To be moved - For Sale SOLD

Vintage 1923 Mansion

Price: $850,000 USD
Listing #: 03-23-4001
Style: Vintage Mansion
Located: Northwest
This 1923 Mansion has no equal! This classic home is one of the grandest houses anywhere in the Northwest from the 1920 era. The Great Gats...   Continue reading →

Seattle Custom Home – Updated (see video)

Price: $150,000 USD
Listing #: 03-23-6021
Style: Custom
Located: Seattle
This amazing Seattle Custom Home on the waterfront was completely remodeled — new electric, plumbing, windows, roof, insulation, floors, c...   Continue reading →

House For Sale in Everett

Price: $159,200 USD
Listing #: 03-23-9009
Style: Custom
Located: Everett
This house was originally built in 1910 but significantly upgraded in 1986. It has bright, open spaces and plenty of windows facing the wate...   Continue reading →

Everett Home For Sale

Price: $68,000 USD
Listing #: 03-24-6420
Style: Cottage
Located: Everett
This solidly constructed 1½ story house is all ready to float to its new home! Crafted in 1968 with pride, the floorplan is open with walls...   Continue reading →

San Juan Island Home For Sale

Price: $40,000 USD
Listing #: 03-24-353
Style: Cottage
Located: San Juan Island
This house will need to be split into 2 sections to move. But it's an easy job to do that and make this a great house. For those on San Juan...   Continue reading →

Everett Bungalow For Sale

Price: $29,000 USD
Listing #: 03-24-3213
Style: Cottage
Located: Everett
This early 20th century house is a great one for instant space and functionality at a reasonable price. It has once bedroom downstairs plus ...   Continue reading →

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