Performing more marine-to-land barge deliveries than any structural mover in North America.

Heavy barge transport and complex deliveries on dramatic tides are Nickel Bros Industrial’s specialty. We operate in complex passages, inland waterways, international ports, and local harbors on a daily basis, providing heavy barge transport and heavy transport solutions to our clients.

On Any Coast, on Any Tide

Our teams are adept in planning for and dealing with dramatic tide swings. Extensive heavy barge transport in Alaska and throughout the Pacific Northwest has produced a barging operations team that is prepared for any barging challenge. Our Heavy Barge Transport and Marine Services operate throughout North America with the capability to sail both inland and international waters and are in constant communication with foreshore regulatory bodies and environmental monitoring services.

Heavy Barge Transport by Nickel Bros Industrial

Industrial rigging and heavy lift experience with our heavy barge transport expertise provides customers with integrated transport services.

We offer the technical ability to design and execute turnkey marine projects for our customers including the engineering, loading and securing of cargo onto our barges for shipment and delivery, thus offering to clients a fully integrated heavy transport package.

Heavy Barge Transport by Nickel Bros Industrial
Heavy Barge Transport by Nickel Bros Industrial

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