Specialized asset-based carrier responding globally to heavy transport requirements and demands.

We get over-height loads extremely low to the ground; we have saved clients millions of dollars in over-head utility costs. Extensive experience delivering marine-to-land over-height, over-dimensional heavy transport project cargo. Our clients trust in the experience, skills and project knowledge of our operators and trust that our specialized heavy transport equipment will safely and efficiently deliver heavy transport project cargo.

Trust your heaviest and most complex project cargo to our team capable of adapting to your specific over-height, over-dimensional, over-weight heavy transport requirements. Our value lies in our ability to exceed your expectations by reducing peripheral transportation related costs (utilities etc.) and professionally coordinating every step and mode of each transportation portion to minimize the cost and time it takes to move your project cargo from factory to foundation.

Rely on Nickel Bros Industrial to ensure your heavy transport is safe and secure, from planning through final delivery.

We work closely with local municipalities throughout North America and both federal and state transportation agencies to utilize routes for heavy transport project cargo which usually have strict regulations and challenging safety and environmental requirements to overcome.

Heavy Transport by Nickel Bros Industrial

As specialists in land and marine transportation, Nickel Bros minimizes impact to high-valued heavy transport project cargo required to travel multiple modes from factory to foundation.

Developing and engineering customized, project specific specialized lifting and transportation systems results in seamless, low risk transfers between barge, rail, highway, and off-road conditions.

Super Heavy Transport solutions is just one area of our business offering our clients real value, real time savings, real cost savings and real peace of mind that your project is in the hands of an expert team of professionals.

Heavy Transport by Nickel Bros Industrial
Heavy Transport by Nickel Bros Industrial

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