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Install Your Project in Big Pieces - Nickel Bros Heavy Lift and Installation.

The bigger the piece is, the more time you save and the more it makes sense to involve the Nickel Bros Industrial team. We perform very complex jack and slide installations. Our uniquely designed and engineered equipment allows for multifaceted installations including very heavy elevated jack and slide installs. The heavy lift and installation equipment and operations team at Nickel Bros Industrial will help to minimize down-time, maximize up-time and allow you to complete your project ahead of time.

Nickel Bros Industrial has done it.

Whether sliding a 700 ton pressure vessel to an elevated platform, installing a retrofitted bridge section 150 feet above the water, or installing a 500 ton lumber sorter after travelling 10 kilometres along a steeply graded ice road, Nickel Bros Industrial has done it.

Heavy Lift and Installation by Nickel Bros Industrial

Our heavy lifting and rigging equipment can accommodate the biggest loads industry can offer.

Our uniquely engineered heavy lift equipment and jack and slide installation accessories have enabled us to participate in some of the largest and most complex lifting, rigging and installation projects in North America. Custom engineering and fabrication of lift accessories is often necessary to adapt to customer’s specific needs and our teams are looking forward to offering you a professional solution for your complex installation.

Heavy Lift and Installation by Nickel Bros Industrial
Heavy Lift and Installation by Nickel Bros Industrial

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