Babcock HMCS Corner Brook Undocking

This project commissioned in 2021 by Babcock Canada for the Department of Defense got all of our teams collaborating! To undock the HMCS Corner-Brook submarine, our teams needed first to install transport frames under the Corner-Brook within its hanger, enabling us to weigh it precisely prior to transport (it weighed in at an extraordinary 3,980,000 lbs / 1990 T!). Thanks to the cooperation of other Shipyard Firms and Trades, Nickel Bros was able to transport the Corner-Brook over-site and load it using ro-ro ramps onto a submergible barge / floating drydock for its future sailings.

Client: Babcock Canada

Project Date: Q2 2021

Industry: Department of Defense

NB Scope: Nickel Bros partnered with Babcock Canada to perform the planning and execution of the 3,980,000lbs Corner Brook Submarine Undocking.

Project Specifics include:

  • Install of transport frames under submarine within hanger/shed
  • Performed scaling/weighing of submarine prior to transport
  • Performed the safe site transport and barge loading of the 3,980,000lbs Submarine
  • Loaded submarine over Ro-Ro Ramps onto submergible barge/floating drydock
  • Successfully cooperated with Shipyard Firms and Trades to perform delivery

Cargo Specifics (LWH@lbs):

  • 232’x38’-11”x53’-11”@3,980,000lbs

Transport Distance:

  • 400 m


  • Multiple obstructions on move pathway including buildings
  • Appropriate displacement and equipment capacity for exceptional cargo weight
  • Active shipyard trades to schedule around
  • Installation of frames in congested areas


  • Survey of all Shipyard obstructions and the careful planning of Submarine movements for transport operations
  • Multiple SPMT utilized for lift and movement of cargo (72 Lines) and weighted proof roll to test ground conditions and assimilate axle loadings prior to cargo movement
  • Coordination and establishing delivery and other trade pathways for during move

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