Babcock Victoria Docking

Sometimes, a project is unique enough to require adaptation to our mindsets, and to invite trusted industry partners to ensure the accessibility of appropriate resources. This was one of them! With the support of our strategic partners, Nickel Bros managed this project from start to finish, ensuring safety, security and efficiency in each phase. First, our engineering team planned the coordination of the 3,980,000 lbs / 1990 T “Victoria” submarine. The crews followed by relocating the Victoria from a floating dry dock / barge to a secure hanger. Self-Propelled Modular Transporters were then engaged for elevating and jacking the submarine from its drydock stands, and then transporting it across ro-ro ramps to the Dock Wall. After a trip across the shipyard, the Victoria finally came to safely rest on supports in the submarine hanger.

Client: Babcock Canada

Project Date: Q2 2022

Industry: Department of Defense

NB Scope: Nickel Bros performed the engineering, coordination, and relocation of the 3,980,000 lbs Victoria submarine from floating drydock/barge to secure hanger. Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMT’s) were utilized for elevating/jacking from drydock stands, transport submarine across Ro-ro ramps to Dock Wall, through shipyard and lower onto supports in submarine hanger

Cargo Specifics (LWH@lbs):

  • 232’x38’-11”x53’-11”@3,980,000lbs

Transport Distance:

  • 400 m


  • Multiple obstructions on move pathway including buildings
  • Appropriate displacement and equipment capacity for exceptional cargo weight
  • Active shipyard trades/activities to schedule around
  • Installation of frames in congested areas


  • Survey of all Shipyard obstructions and the careful planning of Submarine movements for transport operations
  • Multiple SPMT utilized for lift and movement of cargo (72 Lines) and weighted proof roll to test ground conditions and assimilate axle loadings prior to cargo movement
  • Coordination and establishing delivery and other trade pathways for during move

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