Molson Montreal

Through 2019 and 2020, Nickel Bros was invited back to assist Molson-Coors, this time in the Eastern Province of Quebec. With short transport curfew windows, and transport passing through multiple jurisdictions and authorities, this project required our permitting, utilities and administrative teams to be on high alert! Thanks to negotiations with the Ministry of Transport, Nickel Bros was allowed to move 4 loads per convoy instead of the standard 2 loads. In addition, our specialized modular hydraulic transporters with lift, lower and steer capabilities allowed us to move cargo  as low to the ground as possible, avoiding overhead obstructions and saving the costs and time of further utilities coordination, while still steering cargo safely around tight single-lane to single-lane turns.

Client: Molson Coors Beverage Company

Project Date(s): Q3/Q4 2019, Q1/Q2 2020

Industry: Food and Beverage

NB Scope: Nickel Bros performed the receiving of cargo at port, marshalling, safe delivery and installation of 61 tanks during COVID-19 pandemic ahead of intended schedule.

Project Specifics include:

  • Cargo receiving at Port of Contrecoeur and shunting to laydown
  • Introduction of New Transporter System into the Jurisdiction for Delivery of Cargo on transport corridor
  • Negotiated with Ministry of Transport to allow 4 loads per convoy instead of the standard 2, minimizing standby time.
  • Successfully cooperated with local / provincial government and unions to facilitate and permit one of the largest delivery projects in Quebec
  • Performed the Offload and Installation of Cargo at Molson Coors New Quebec Brewery using Modular Hydraulic Transporters

Cargo Specifics (LWH@lbs):

  • Largest Fermenter 70’25’x 22’x 22’7”

Transport Distance:

  • 3,500 kms


  • Short Curfew Windows for transport over non-highway/rural route
  • Overhead wires (Numerous)
  • Multiple jurisdictions and permissions required


  • Road closures/ traffic control
  • Introduce Specialized Modular Hydraulic Transporters with Lift Lower and Steer Capabilities. This allowed Cargo to move as low to the road as possible clearing ground and overhead obstructions while steering around tight single lane to single lane turns
  • Coordination and constant communications with utility teams
  • Coordination and planning with jurisdictions and authorities

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