In 2021, Stella Jones required the removal and replacement of one of their pressure vessels. Once the existing vessel was removed and responsibly decommissioned, the new one was transported in 2 pieces 20kms from the manufacturer to site. These 2 pieces were then installed into one cohesive unit, with a final weigh-in of 250,000 lbs / 125 T.

Project Date: Q2 2021

Industry: Lumber processing

NB Scope:Remove one (1) existing Pressure Vessel and Install one (1) new Pressure Vessel, to be transported over the road in two sections and installed as a single unit.

Project Specifics:

  • Nickel Bros supplied the equipment and workforce necessary to complete project
  • Extracting one (1) existing pressure vessel
  • Transport one (1) new pressure vessel 20kms from manufacturer to install site.
  • Provide custom engineering, workforce and equipment for final installation into place

Cargo Stats (LWH@Lbs):

  • 167′ x 8’3″ x 8’3″ @ 250,000 lbs

Transport distance:

  • 20 kms by road for each piece
  • 200′ on-site


  • Confined work space
  • Management of weights and lengths while extracting / installing vessel in a tight space


  • Careful surveying of workspace and tolerances
  • Usage of unified hydraulic equipment to ensure leveled lifts
  • Custom engineering on extraction / install system

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