Westshore Stacker Reclaimer

Nickel Bros completed the delivery and installation of 3 Stacker Reclaimer Assemblies, weighing in at 4,387,335 lbs / 2200 T each, from 2016 – 2018. This project was a great opportunity for our engineering and management teams to show off their skills within environmentally sensitive marine reef zones, as well as coordinating logistics within limited tide windows and allowing the plant to remain operational throughout execution. Read on to learn how we exceeded expectations in overcoming these challenges through creative engineering and our turn-key mindset!

Client: Sandvik Group

Project Date(s): Q2 2016, 2017, 2018

Industry: Mining

NB Scope: Nickel Bros (NB) supplied the planning, engineering and resources to transport (3) Stacker Reclaimers from Chi-dong China to Westshore Terminals. Project related specifics include:

  • Project Logistics and Management
  • Engineering and Design of Transport Saddles for Cargo
  • Engineering and Design of Temporary Bulkhead at Destination Site
  • Barge delivery of 3 Stacker Reclaimer Assemblies (4,387,335lbs per assembly) from FSD to Westshore Terminals
  • Roll-off of Cargo at Westshore Terminals
  • On-site transport using Hydraulic Transporters (Self Propelled and Engineered Transporters)
  • Jack and Slide installation of (1) 1,278,681lbs and (1) 574,400lbsElevating Conveyor

Cargo Specifics (LWH@lbs):

  • C-Frame (100×64’x79’@1,278,500lbs)
  • Elevating Conveyor (210’x49’x74’@574,400lbs)
  • Bucket Wheel Boom (65’x34’x 246’@443,129lbs)
  • (26) extraordinary breakbulk cargo items
  • (58) accessory items

Transport Distance:

  • 3,500 kms


  • Sensitive Environmental Marine Conditions (Reef)
  • Limited Tide Window
  • Limited Rail Crossing Window to ensure plant remained operational


  • Engineered mobile ballasting operation to allow for roll-off without barge touching foreshore to accommodate environmentally sensitive area.
  • Rocker Beam axle mounting to allow offload on steep ramp grades and elevation changes at transition to land
  • Engineered Bulkhead to harmonize with barge assets and tidal predictions. Mobile barge ballasting allowed heavy cargo to roll off barge and to cross rail tracks efficiently minimizing interference with site rail operations to maintain plant production

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