Expert Advice in Structural Moving and Lifting


Engineering and construction firms regularly count on Nickel Bros with their most technical structural moving projects. Our history of engineering and advising on some of the most complex structural moves in North America adds peace of mind of complex house lifts and house moves.

We can help you evaluate and plan your project early to save you money in the end.

Nickel Bros has decades-long experience working with real-world engineering for structural moving and lifting. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Consulting services with professional engineering staff for official plans and permits
  • Structural evaluation of a building for moving or lifting
  • Site logistics and planning
  • Consult for the moving or lifting of historic or protected structures
  • Large-development job consulting. Want to develop a community of moved houses over time for either a planned community or mixed-income development? We can help.

We also consult for large industrial moving jobs. Please visit our Industrial Division.

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Our site visits and detailed estimates are all no-cost and no-pressure. Contact us for more information. Feel free to reach out and discuss your potential project. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer any question you may have and give you an idea of the costs associated.

Washington State (USA)

  • Seattle 1-866-920-BROS (1-866-920-2767)
  • San Juan Islands 1-866-606-2237

British Columbia (CANADA)

  • Greater Vancouver 1-866-813-9430
  • Vancouver Island 1-866-320-2268

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