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Our customers have lots of different reasons for moving a house in Washington State or British Columbia. Discover how we make house moving possible.

Why move a house?

The land that the house is on is zoned (or recently re-zoned) for another use such as multi-family or commercial use. Perhaps, customers have noticed a sign in their neighborhood that a certain house is going to be demolished and they decide to move the house to their own lot.

Some land owners find that by moving a house sideways or backwards on their lot, they can make room for another house or a lot subdivision (“short plat”). Often in these cases they find that they can sell the newly-created second lot at a price that gives them the needed funds to move and restore the original home with money or equity left over. Sometimes they might sell the lot and moved house and then build their new home on the second, newly-created lot.

Lot conditions may not be ideal

Occasionally, a house needs to be moved due to an adverse lot condition — i.e. prone to flooding, or too close to a road, or another development, and our customer wants to move the house back on the lot or to a new lot. Or they might find that a neighboring house has recently been built too close to them, or an addition added on top that causes a shadow to be cast on their house or causes their view to be blocked.

A change in scenery

Maybe the customer just simply wants to buy a lot in a new place — like the San Juan Islands — but they just love their original home so much that they decide to move it there.

And finally many times our customers fall in love with one of our fine recycled homes listed here on the website and want to move it to their own lot.

Discuss your next project with us

Our site visits and detailed estimates are all no-cost and no-pressure. Contact us for more information. Feel free to reach out and discuss your potential project. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can answer any question you may have and give you an idea of the costs associated.

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