Every customer has his or her own reason for choosing a quality upcycled home from Nickel Bros


Some people appreciate the considerable cost savings that recycled houses offer. Others are drawn to the remarkable quality of construction and materials that they can only find in a vintage recycled home. Still, others care deeply about the environmental benefits of recycling a home. Whatever the reason, we invite you to learn more why your next home might be a quality recycled home from Nickel Bros.

Better Pricing

With the median price for a Nickel Bros quality recycled house well under six figures (and sometimes as low as $25,000), recycled homes are a great value. By buying a recycled home, you simply get more for your money. This makes a recycled home a great option for first-time home buyers or even vacation homes.

Better Quality

Many of our quality recycled homes are vintage houses that are often built to higher construction standards than new homes and have unique details and classic design, including:

  • Real wood: solid first-growth timber like vertical grain Douglas Fir
  • Solid wood floors and doors
  • Fir or cedar shingled or lap siding

Much of these materials are no longer available for typical new home construction and those that are tend to be extremely expensive. The photo to the left shows an old growth 2×4 dimensional lumber from 1911 vs. a new growth 2×4 from today which is much more loosely grained softwood and is not truly dimensional.

With our homes, you’ll also find character and details like leaded glass windows/divided light windows, built-ins, dentil moulding, shaped knee bracing supporting large eaves, and much more.

At Nickel Bros, we believe houses should not be treated like garbage

Did you know that a 1,600 sq/ft home represents about 60 trees worth of lumber? That’s roughly equivalent to the amount that one person could recycle in 100 years. Sadly, most houses that need to be removed from a site aren’t recycled; they’re torn down and thrown in a landfill. And each discarded home adds between 60 and 80 tons of building materials to that landfill. At Nickel Bros we’ve always believed that houses should be recycled—by moving them to where they can provide warmth and shelter for many years to come. It’s not just a good idea for the environment. It’s a good idea from a financial standpoint.

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