We’ve built our business on the core values of Safety, Precision, and Integrity—since 1956.


For over 60 years, Nickel Bros has been the Pacific Northwest’s largest and most trusted house moving company.

The company’s history of excellence is based on strong commitment to our customers and employees. Teamwork has been a vital part of Nickel Bros’ success, with our engineering, operations, and permitting departments working diligently together to provide safe, efficient solutions for every house lifting or house moving challenge. Our customers enjoy peace of mind—knowing that their project will benefit from our experience, safety record, permitting proficiency, and logistics expertise.

Henry Nickel arrived in BC as an employee of a Manitoba-based house moving firm that wanted to expand into western Canada.

“House moving wasn’t that uncommon in the prairies,” recalls Henry Nickel. “Homes and barns were always being moved. It was and still is an economical way of relocating that has been around for decades.”

Henry and his brother Richard eventually bought the British Columbia operation calling it Nickel Bros House Moving Ltd. Hard work, honesty, and a keen understanding of what a customer needs when moving a house quickly made it a success.

Allan and Jeremy Nickel are the brothers that make up the Nickel Bros, taking over for their father Henry who founded the company in 1956.

In the late 1980s the company saw a trend in the British Columbia housing market.

“Many people were buying property for the value of the land, not necessarily because of the house on it,” explains Allan Nickel. “In the past, the house would have been demolished, today; we will save and remove the building and then resell it to someone else and move it to their property. It’s a win/win situation for everyone.”

“Contractors save on demolition costs,” adds Jeremy Nickel. “Landfills are spared thousands of tons of waste, and our clients end up with an affordable, solidly built home to enjoy for many years to come.”

Today, during the course of any given month, the range of structures which are transported and relocated by Nickel Bros could be as diverse as an 8,000 sq. ft. Historic Home being moved around the corner to a 200 Ton Pressure Vessel being transported from Zhongshan, China to Grande Prairie, Canada.

As the 3rd generation of Nickel family movers step into leadership roles within the group of companies, their objective is to develop more efficient ways of transporting over dimensional Residential and Industrial loads throughout North America. This objective is supported by our industry leading Health & Safety Program and Environmental Initiatives that will make structural moving sustainable and affordable for many years to come.

Nickel Bros is quickly expanding and experiencing rapid growth in the industrial sector. Please click here to visit Nickel Bros Industrial website.

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