The home was removed from its original waterfront location in Sidney in two pieces, the main house and the garage/guest suite portion, and moved a half a block down 1st Street to Tulista Park on Sunday night / Monday morning, November 24th to meet the barge at high tide. It was loaded on the barge and is headed to Sointula, Malcolm Island to a waterfront vacation property. The building was 26 ft high loaded and required both Telephone and hydro wires to be dropped to get off the property. The crew will be offloading it from the barge Nov 27th, again at high tide.

Here is a great comment by a neighbour who stayed up all night to watch the show:

To all the Hard Workers of Nickel Bros:

My husband and I, who are seniors, live in the four-plex where First Street and Second Street meet. We want to thank you for our totally sleepless night during the house-moving. Seriously!! We THOROUGHLY enjoyed watching all the activity and were transfixed until daybreak. It was like watching a well-oiled machine as it all seemed to go like clockwork. (At least, from our perspective.) CONGRATULATIONS FOR PULLING IT OFF!

We are fortunate to have balconies on both First Street and Second Street (where we enjoy all the parades and Sail pasts), and were full of excitement throughout the entire night, going from one balcony to the other. Even our cat enjoyed it.

It was like watching a five-star movie! We eventually decided to dress and join the small group on the street, and were there when the lights went back on. I would never have believed we could stay awake that long.

We can’t imagine how much work and effort, organization and co-operation went into this project. It seemed seamless to us. It was rewarding for us to see the loaded vessel sail into daylight; an experience we will never forget.

Thank you for making our day. (or night!)

From Lorry and Erica Harrison
Sidney, BC

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